A step against “Sexism”

“All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law”- Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Men and Women both create the society; the combination of both is like “bread and water” which are equally essential for survival despite of their different nature. One cannot live a life wholly depending upon any one of them individually; both are meant to be taken together. And by this way only we have been able to move the society this far, from generation to generation and will be able to take it further only if both the wheels of this illusionary vehicle will be working correspondingly.

After years of struggle world has achieved progress towards upliftment of status of women in the society by removal of the stereotypical idea of male dominating society, now we live in an era where everyone knows that women are no less than men. To bring this change we enacted various laws to achieve the goal of restoring the position of women in society of giving them equal status; but somehow, somewhere we got diversified with the ultimate idea for which we have been enacting these laws and started thinking one sided. The fight was never to show one over the other but that to bring both at the same page in terms of responsibilities, opportunities and their rights.

Today in the urge of Women empowerment we started being irrational towards the other gender that is Men and Transgender. It is important to realize that the condition of women was lower in the society earlier because of the thinking and not because of the male gender, though after years of struggle we have been able to uplift the status of women in the society, but somehow we are again falling apart in balancing the importance of both the genders. The situation is such that instead of blaming the nature and act of the person, we have started commonizing criminals with men, a notion has been fixed in the mind of many in such a way that when we think about the term criminal we always picturize men and not women.

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 We turned the idea of Liberalism into Feminism. No doubt that the position of women in society requires an upliftment and protection but that doesn’t mean the other gender is free from crime and requires no law for protection. Today various laws which have been enacted are focusing only on women and slightly or not at all towards the other gender, as a result in sake of giving justice to one we are doing injustice to another. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, by centralising the laws in favour of one section we ourselves have muffled the other section of the society by not giving them any strong rights to protect themselves.

Since time immemorial we have been considering men to be a stronger gender and women weak, since childhood they have been pressurised by the society to “Act Manly” and conditioned men to think that crying is a sign of weakness, Men have always been pressurised to fulfil certain standards set up by the society on fulfilment of which only he will be called a man.

A lot many men these days suffer  because when it comes to hearing or filing a case the women have always been given a priority be it receiving alimony or custody of a child, be it sexual harassment or Rape as a crime. Once the complaint is made by the women the man is arrested, humiliated and tortured before even when the judgement is passed. The definition of “Rape” in general sense includes the word “Penetration” automatically identifying women as victims and completely excluding the male rape victims. Sexual harassment and rape or other crimes can happen to anyone not just to a particular gender these laws should be made gender neutral and not gender biased. A law itself giving justice to one and ignoring another is not a good law.

This is not the only discrimination we have been rendering the laws regarding divorce and custody of children have also been manipulated. Motherhood has been praised since ages but we give less importance to fatherhood, we neglect the fact that even fathers are concerned about their children, most of the time it happens that the father is more capable of taking care of their child but still when it comes to custody of a child the case is always stronger on the mothers side, even thereafter the custody has been allotted to mother, the fathers have to crave to meet their own kids. We have always been praising the love and care of a mother but not of a father, because as a man we have always restricted his love to earning and taking care of financial needs of the family.  Further, when it comes to parenthood, it’s the decision of the woman which is given importance and not the man’s. Parenthood is a responsibility which is to be taken by both of them, but still we have framed up laws which only prioritize decision of a woman a man cannot demand for parenthood. It’s always the choice of a woman which is given importance.

According to various surveys it has been obtained that the male suicide rate is several times higher than female. We always expect women to be emotional and men to be emotionless, we ignore the fact that they are also human and are struggling too, and by concentrating laws towards one gender we have increased these problems. A lot many women have started taking undue advantage of laws by filling false cases and as a result it’s very easy for them to ruin a man’s years of reputation and hard work in seconds just by accusing him any of the false charge. There are laws to protect a person against false charges but less coverage and attention is given to such cases  by that time the society has already decided who is the culprit even though he is not, the case is always at the side of the women. One can never achieve the goal of an egalitarian society by enacting laws which are itself prejudicing and monopolising power in the hands of one section. State is the guardian of its citizens and if itself is failing to give due attention to half of them, where the citizens will go?

It’s the act of the person not his gender that makes him a criminal. All genders should be treated equally and everyone is entitled to a safe and dignified life with integrity. We all have the right to live and thus, right to protection should also be entitled to every human irrespective of their gender.

There is a need to re-think, a need to amend the present gender biased laws and  the way we have been framing the laws, laws should be  made to protect each individual in the society not just a particular section of the society. As by doing this we are giving advantage to one gender over another just because of the biological factors. A Gender is just one thing that defines who a person is and not everything, a person should be judged on the basis of his capability, nature, wealth, and other traits not on his gender and the only way by which justice can be provided to any individual is to see that person as a human being and not a specified category of human being. 

It’s time to bring both the genders at the same page again to see every individual as a human being rather being sexist! It’s time to bring the change again!

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