Written by Pragati Srivastava 
during her internship at LeDroit India.

The art of blogging is something that has scented the environment with fashion for decades. Now-a-days, blogging has occupied such a pool that everyone of us are wanting to take a dip into it. We the lawyers or the law students are always tend to become a strong speaker along with a strong writer. And it is nothing but legal blogging that can satisfy our demand, that is becoming a good writer. Legal blogging offers a number of benefits. It permits the law firms and companies to expose their expertise to their potential clients. For Lawyers and the legal advisors who are looking forward to start writing their own legal blogs, here are some tips and tricks that they need to follow:

(a) Make the beginning of your article attractive: In order to attract the readers and search engine robots what we need to do is to make the first 50-60 words pop. All important key words like your location, specialized area, etc. should be mentioned.

(b) Try to take benefit of location based key points: Instead of mentioning “Real Estate Lawyer”, “Insolvency Lawyer”, etc. which is impossible to rank use your own city’s name, your neighboring cities’ names to find out who is actually looking for special local advice in your nearby areas in the field of law.

(c) Choose a good handful of keywords that support your blog: Leaving apart the beginning paragraphs of your post, in the rest parts use more and more keywords that can well support.

(d) Make use of various sources: Try to mention out various links. Not only mentioning but you should take help from various sources in order to make people rely upon your post/blog, so that it can be considered as authentic one.

(e) Make diversified blog post: In order to restrain people from getting bored of your post ,you should diversify it. Don’t go on writing similar posts on similar topics. Bring change in your blogs day by day so that people may enjoy and find it useful to visit your blog.

(f) Diversify the length of your blogs: You should also remember to change the length of your blog every time you post something. You should not stick to one water tight length of your post. People says that a 2000 words blog post brings attention of the viewers and readers. But normally a 800 to 1000 words blog will also suffice.

(g) Make your law firm post attractive and engaged one: No one likes to click on a blog full of text. There are variety of ways that will make your blog attractive and creating one. Use subheadings, your bold letters and colorful pictures that may give very good relevancy to your blog post and make it creative one.

(h) Always make indicative blogs: Every blog that you write should not be baseless and purpose less. It must have a definite purpose. Before writing a blog, first of all you should make a good research, then decide which part is to be included within your blog. And one thing that you should remember is to have a purpose before writing your blog.

(i) Make your blog more informative: Your blog should not contain bogus things. It must be an informative one so that readers and viewers of your post may enjoy it. Try to fill it with handful of information so that the one who is visiting your blog post may get his/ her answer and should not go back and click on anyone else’ post. Your blog should be informative and helpful.

(j) Know your audience’s need: You should not write a post instantly without knowing and deciding a topic. You should understand who are the audience and what do they want to read. You must write your post according to your reader’s need. Doing so will give you a lot of pleasure when you will come to know that your writing is somewhat helping the ones whom you were trying to. This will give you more encouragement and more happiness as well as boost your self confidence.

(k) Write your blog on which you have expertise: It is very well known that we should always opt for those things in which we are interested and in which are holding roots. We should not jump into every field that is beyond our expertise. You should write what you know.

(l) Use credentials: The best thing to remember is to use evidences in order to keep your blog trustworthy. Seeing citations and source link make people easily rely upon any blog.

(m) Be more updated: You should always remember that the laws and rules are changing day by day with change in the present scenario. So one very important thing which is to be kept in mind is to update your blog with recent latest views and aspects, recent case laws and citations. Being outdated will not give you a good result.

(n) Should have control over your tone: The tone of your blog matters a lot. You should use your tone as per your audience as already stated because we all know that there is always a tone difference when we talk with our boss and when we talk with our colleagues.

Blogging is not a new concept. We are not any exceptions. Everyone of us is blogging every where. Its not new. But if you wish to be an exception then you must follow the above mentioned tricks and tips before writing down any blog or any legal content for your law firm or your legal social platform. It is proved that a good writing or content may lead you to earn more and more. When you are writing any blog then apart from the above mentioned points you must remember one thing that is you must try to write short sentences full of information and meaning. Cut your long sentences into half and use legal phrases in order to attract the readers of your blog post. All these tricks and tips must be kept in mind while going for a legal blog. One thing I should tell you that these tricks are not only helpful for legal blog rather these are the keys to write a successful , an attractive, an effective blog.

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