Covid 19 – Useful Resources

We know this time is rough. It’s being hard to keep up to take care of yourself and your dear
ones. It’s being hard to stay away from your loved ones to show that you love them. But don’t
worry this too shall pass! You can win this, you are stronger, we all are in this together. We
might not know each other but in prayers and good deeds we can be together. Let’s not lose
hope, let’s hold up our spirits high! Let’s fight this together!
To be of a little help in this distressed time LeDroit India team has collected all the useful
resources in each state throughout India, providing information about the places you can
contact, details about hospitals, medicines, oxygen, vaccination and many other useful
information we were able to collect; to help you out.

Check the details below. If you have any information which you would like us to share
to reach out to people, feel free to share with us.

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