Xiaomi, India Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India

Job Description

  • Handling legal matters relating to telecom, media, technology, marketing, content licensing, data protection and privacy.
  • Structuring deals and transactions relating to any and/ or all of the above functions.
  • Drafting and reviewing a host of agreements including preload agreements, advertising agreements, marketing agreements, endorsement agreements, IP licensing agreements, data transfer arrangements, non-disclosure agreements, other commercial and technology related agreements.
  • Drafting and reviewing terms of use, privacy policy and other terms for online platforms.
  • Responding to notices and liaising with and managing government, statutory, regulatory and/or quasijudicial authorities as and when required. Advising on impact and consequences of new laws and regulations affecting Xiaomi’s businesses. Advising business and commercial teams on new business models by highlighting the potential legal issues, risks, and working with them to develop and implement appropriate risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Advising the business teams on strategizing and resolving legal issues that arise in existing commercial relationships, pote tial disputes and addressing any government enquires.
  • Prioritizing and judging what matter should be handled internally or by outside counsels and managing the external counsels effectively.
  • Providing strategic and practical legal advice to the business teams of the company as and when required. Ability to break down complex legal issues for the business and commercial teams to understand the associated risks and take correct informed decisions.

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