Career Aspects after Law

 The present article is written by Hina Agarwal, 5th year student from Indian Institute of legal studies during her internship at LeDroit India. Discussing about career aspects after law.


Law is a profession, expertise in law and its application. Generally, a person who is qualified in the field of law. A person having high range of skills. Legal profession is one of the fastest growing professions and field of law is considered as most renowned profession. 

The course of law covers a wide range of legal procedure principles in corporate sectors. There are ample opportunities in India after the computation of law i.e. LLB (Legum Baccalaureus) which means bachelor of laws. 

Law is a wide field which provides great career opportunities for the students. One can study law for providing justice to the society and providing noble work to the society. It is one of the wanted degrees by the students from all around the world. 

Some of the advantages of pursing law are:

  1. Vast career options in the field of academia, commerce, industry, politics, legal and more.
  2. Greater financial stability with job security, which increase with increase in success.
  3. Master knowledge and skills by analyzing complex situations, problems and issues rising. 
  4. Power to make difference through law by improving defects in the system.
  5. Have higher respect and prestige in the society as it upholds justice.
  6. Aware of all the rights and responsibilities as a lawyer and citizen of the country. Having deep knowledge of rules and regulations.
  7. Helps to develop self-confidence and better communication skills.

Career opportunities after law graduation:

After completion of LLB, one can enter into three major organs of the government body legislature, executive and judiciary.

  1. Advocacy– after law the aspirant can practice in the courts to get qualified knowledge of practitioner. For practicing in the court, the aspirants have to qualify the examination conducted by the All India Bar Council. After clearing the exam and enrollment of name in the Bar Council of India the aspirants can opt for practicing of law in the court anywhere in the country. Practicing in the court helps to gain lot of knowledge and aspects of law.  One can practice in different branches of law and can even practice under the guidance of senior lawyer which will help in growth, as the senior lawyer is better equipped with practicing in the court of law.
  2. Litigation– litigation is one the most demanding platform in law. After law school the aspirants can be a litigants attorney. They manage from investigation, appeals, pre-trail, and settlement process. They work in all phases during litigation process. This field has a huge career opportunities and higher pay.  
  3. Government services– One can join Indian legal services As a Legislative Council in the Legislative Department and legal advice in the department of legal affairs. After qualifying the exam held by the public service commission. After, qualifying the exam the aspirants can join Air force, Indian army and the Navy. They can even crack IAS organized by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). In this field of law one can also be assistant public prosecution or public prosecutor. 
  4. Legal advisor– after law graduation the aspirants can become a legal advisor or can even join a law firm,  corporate firm, private companies. One who have legal expertise knowledge and can help the clients with the legal advisory services and help the clients by giving them correct decision. This field helps to understand the client well and improves communication skills.
  5. Judiciary– there is greater aspect in the field of judiciary. In this the aspirant after completion of law graduation can become a judge or magistrate. To enter into judiciary the concerned aspirant has to pass judicial examination conducted by the public service commission. After clearing the examination, one is eligible for the post of magistrate, sub-judge which is done by the latest recruitment of la graduates after examination is cleared under the supervision of the High Court. Latter on promotion can be done on the basis of experience and seniority.
  6. Teaching– after law one who has a high desire in teaching law can go for teaching. It requires skill of explaining and high knowledge of law and its various subjects thoroughly. Require deep knowledge cases and latest amendments, so that the students are well informed. The aspirant after completion of law can apply to the best recognized university or Law College in the country. To apply for teaching the aspirant is required to do PHD and then can become a professor in Government University and private University in the country.
  7. Private Companies– there is a high scope for law students after graduation to join private companies across the country. They can become the legal advisor of the company can get well-paying job opportunities in the companies. This can happen if they had done MBA after LLB. MBA students hold dual post in the company and can even take part in the administration of the company. It helps the aspirant to not only stick to legal department but also administration. This is a great platform for law graduates to get excellent pay. Some of the companies also hire lawyers in packages for settling the legal disputes which keeps on occurring. 
  8. Higher education– one who want to gain more knowledge in the field of law or any specialized area of law can avail for higher studies. Higher education include LLM, PHD, labor law, cyber law, intellectual property, family law and many other. It does help the law graduates to gain more and more knowledge in the field of law and deeper aspects in the subjects of law.
  9. Writer of law books, report making and Journalist– one who excel in writing, understanding level of writing, good grammar skills and skill of editing can opt for this areas of law.  
  10. Legal researcher– after law school the aspirants who have good researching skill can be a legal researcher. Having power of researching of various cases and legal issues. This can help the aspirant to have insight knowledge in law. 
  11. LLM– more prospection of law and help to get the job that make up a better. This field help gain more knowledge in a specialized field of law. LLM helps to add more weightage in the degree and helps to get better pay with vast future opportunities.
  12. Criminal lawyer– after completion of law the aspirants who have keen interest in the criminal law subjects such as CrPC, IPC, evidence act and various other can attain to be a criminal lawyer. In this it will help the aspirants to develop analyzing power. 


 Career opportunities after law are very vast. Becoming a lawyer is most rewarding career path. There are huge advantages in the field of law for growing one self and development of skills. This is  a noble profession to provide justice to the society by communicating to large section of society together. Study of law is unquestionably one of the gratifying options considering the job challenges and financial benefits. Opportunities  in this field is increasing its demand for law graduates. Facing off various challenges while dealing helps the aspirants to flourish. So, huge future aspects and opportunities are involved after completion of law.

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