About the course:


A Trademark is a recognizable  word, sign, phrase or a symbol that differentiates a product from the rest of the products in the market. It is the identity of a business that makes a brand and company specifically recognizable. Similar to Trademark there are “Service marks” that distinguishes services of Service providers. The word “Trademark” is usually used to refer both services and products marks.Trademarks are protected by Intellectual property rights.


 For Whom?


This course is suitable for young law aspirants who wants to gain practical knowledge and  Entrepreneurs ,MBA, B.Com & BBA graduates because a business can be successful only when its base is strong.


Duration- 1 week


Course Content-


  1. What is Trademark?
  2. What can be Trademarked?
  3. How to create a good trademark?
  4. How to protect a trademark?
  5. Trademark Classes,
  6. Trademark Search.




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