Importance of Law

The present article is written by Shibani Agarwal, 5th year BBA.LL.B student, from Indian Institute Of Legal Studies, Siliguri, West Bengal.


It is a common perception among people that legal education is necessary only for those who want to pursue law as a profession. But that isn’t strictly correct. Knowledge of law is very important for everyone in their daily lives. Basic knowledge of the law is helpful for everyone to tackle and understand several issues from fundamental rights to consumer protection. Awareness of legal education let people have understanding about their rights. 

Basic knowledge of the law enables us to reason out in an adverse situation. For instance, if a woman is caught by a police officer after sunset and is threatened with arrest, then she would likely plead them not to arrest her as she has done nothing wrong. But if she has a little knowledge that no woman can be arrested after the sunset, then she might behave differently instead of pleading.

No matter who you are, where you are, knowing about law is important. The purpose of law is to preserve freedom. Law is about the discovery of the rules of just and conducts. Law is made to protect people and property from any harm. The law protects our privacy and maintains our fundamental rights. Law teaches people which behavior is acceptable and which behaviour is not.

Significance of Law for every individual

The law is significant for the general citizens other than one with a legal background as well. It was likewise made to imply legitimate rules and regulations to support the value on the three parts of the legislature. It keeps the general public running. Without law, there would be a disorder, and it would be quite impossible to form equality among all. 

Law is systematic arrangement of principles and rules which are implemented through social establishments have a stable conduct, at every possible opportunity. It looks after the financial matters, governmental issues and does the job of a mediator of social issues between individuals

Law in commerce effectively governs trade between businesses and consume. It creates a fair and regulated system that is stable for both parties so that trade can be conducted in a reasonable manner among the commercial sectors. Without these sets of laws, it would create a wild scenario for both businesses and consumers unable to govern how commerce is conducted. The duty of any individual is to make sure that his business conducts all the legal guidelines in line with the regulations and laws of the country they’re operating in.

The law acts as a guideline as to what is accepted in society making it a very important aspect. Without law and order there would be conflicts between social groups and communities. It is the duty for us to follow them. The law allows for easy adoption to changes that occur in the society. Sometimes people cannot work out their differences on their own. The law provides a framework for setting these disputes. 

A MBA along with management skills should also have a complete knowledge about law. Also when you are a businessman you should have the knowledge about various contracts, sale deed. Law is a mandatory subject for every individual. 

So as you can probably tell now, it’s an important field of law to have some knowledge of if you’re an individual. 

Benefits of legal knowledge

The benefits that one can avail with a legal knowledge in different fields are:

  1.   Social Benefits:

Laws protect our general safety. It helps to resolve disputes, maintaining order in the society. It helps to keep peace in a country also to promote social justice. Laws in the form of statutes and ordinances, tell us how to drive, how to operate our business, and what we can and cannot do in public and even in private. Sometimes people in power can use that power to take advantage of others, the rule of law keeps the playing field fair. 

  1.   Legal Awareness:

Public legal knowledge often term to be Knowledge of law. It helps to promote awareness of legal cultures. It also provides everyone a standard guideline for their survival. It is common that “Knowledge is power” and indeed it is true.  An educated man or woman would be aware of his/her duties and rights.

It enables everyone to know what they would do when anyone stops them from doing something without any fault. There are numbers of people who are unaware of their fundamental duties and rights.

  1. Develop communication skills:

One should a basic idea of law so that whenever they meet someone knowledgeable, it becomes a two way communication and one can talk about current affairs. 

  • Being aware of the law, a person can present himself in the law court to put forward all the essential matters.
  • Awareness of the law of the land is the most beneficial part for any person.
  • Knowledge of law enables us to deal with legal disputes.
  • It is especially more beneficial for women if they are aware of all the law regarding females. They will be able to take stand against violence and fight for their rights. 
  • An individual can deal with any problem in his organization if a basic knowledge of law is present.  

Law benefits people at every instance of life. If one knows a little about law, it is going to help him or her in a long run. 


Law is needful in the society to maintain peace, it acts as a problem solving factor, it helps in protection of rights i.e., human rights, stable relationship among people. Law also punishes the accused so that the victim avail justice. Law is also important for preservation of future as the future generation must be knowing about the rules and regulations and not taking it for granted. Law changes with the change in society and it allows for easy adoption to changes that occur in the society. Laws can also protect individuals from each other.

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