Online Legal Internship Opportunity at Whistle for Public Interest [WHIP]: Apply by Nov 30!

About the Opportunity

WHIP or Whistle for Public Interest is calling for Online Legal Internship (Winter Program) for law students.

About the Organization

A group of law students viz. Paras Jain and Kumar Shanu created Whistle for Public Interest (WHIP) in the year 2015. Through this organization, they aim to involve law students in real PILs (Public interest Litigations) and to thereby benefit society.

They work towards various subjects like RTI, environmental protection, access to justice, consumer protection, and judicial reforms.


Law students enrolled in either a 5-year or 3-year LLB course.




3 Weeks; Between January-February

How to Apply

Interested candidates may send their whipofficial01[at]

They must also send their answers to the questionnaire in about 250 words.

Selection Process

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed through the WhatsApp Video Call facility and 15 candidates will be selected thereby.


Certificates to those who submit their research reports on all issues.


Apply by November 30, 2020.

Click here for the questionnaire-cum-application form for the internship.

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