Redundancy of Indian Economy amid pandemic

The present article is written by Meenakshi Sharma and Ritik Sharma under the National Article Writing Competition organised by LeDroit India discussing about the redundancy of Indian economy amid corona virus pandemic.

The Health Crisis turned into Economic Crisis. For what reason did the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID- 19) push the worldwide economy to the brink of collapse? The appropriate response lies in two techniques by which the Corona Virus smothered financial exercises. Initially, the spread of the infection supported Social Distancing which prompted the shutdown of money related business sectors, corporate workplaces, organizations, and occasions. Second, the exponential rate at which the infection was spreading, and the increased vulnerability about how awful the circumstance could get, prompted the trip to security in utilization and speculation among customers, financial specialists, and global exchange accomplices.


The Episode of Corona Virus Ailment 2019 (COVID-19), first distinguished in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, China, in December 2019 and from that point forward has spread across the borders, has been perceived as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020. India is broadly influenced by this pandemic. As on 29.04.2020, more than 31000 instances of Corona Virus have been confirmed in India with more than 1000 deaths and at present 75000 Daily Cases are coming with over 50000 deaths. 

The flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic is an uncommon stun to the Indian economy. The economy was at that point of time already in a parlous state before COVID-19 struck. With the drawn-out Nation lockdown, worldwide monetary downturn, and related interruption of demand and supply chains, the economy is probably going to confront an extended time of the stoppage.

Analysis of Indian Economy

I would prefer not to seem like a negative person – the street forward looks unpleasant. While some divisions and organizations will profit, the anticipation is somewhat troubling. In my best theory, here are a portion of the segments that will be unfavorably influenced, and others that will see an uptick.

Highly Affected Sectors

Attire and Textile will get hit unfavorably because of disturbance in labor gracefully, crude material inaccessibility, working capital limitations, and confined interest because of restricted development of individuals and buying capacity.

  1. Auto-area (which incorporates vehicles and car parts) will keep on confronting difficulties by the absence of interest, a worldwide downturn, and falling salary levels.
  2. Flight and Tourism is one part that has the most elevated likelihood of going under without direct government intercession. In the following year, it’s profoundly improbable individuals will go for relaxation separated from extremely basic travel.
  3. Transportation and Non-Food Retail – Nonfood retail chains and worldwide delivery organizations will locate this years’ time frame exceptionally testing.
  4. Building and Construction organizations are by and large utilized and henceforth will confront the double difficulties of high-intrigue installments and the absence of deals.

Segments with a Potential Uptick

  • Advanced and Internet Economy: Online based items and administrations organizations will discover new takers
  • Ed-tech and Online Education alongside firms engaged with online-ability advancement
  • Online food supplies
  • There will be an abrupt spike in the interest of Content, with computerized content being popular like never before.
  • FMCG and Retail will profit tremendously. With proceeded with dread, food-based retail chains, and organizations obliging low-ticket utilization requests will rise as victors.
  • Strength Chemicals: Firms managing Chemicals will see a bounce because of expanded interest in disinfectants, medications, and drugs.
  • Pharma: Pharmaceutical firms are set to see development in the close term.

Impact on Education Sector

Portraying a couple of favorable circumstances and inconveniences during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are no huge favorable circumstances because there is a tremendous misfortune in employments, lives, and the economy of the Country. Be that as it may, talking about the kids, there are a few points of interest.

Understudies can utilize their quality time in contemplating and different exercises in which they are intrigued. Invest energy in the house by not going out and appreciate watch motion pictures and do some craftwork.

There are n noteworthy drawbacks because there is an immense misfortune in occupations, lives, and the economy of the Country. Primary demerits for students are online classes, the selection rate is around 50-60% though in the homeroom the appropriation was around 80-90%.  On the other side of coin, there are loads of disadvantageous variables like there are no tests; Students are being given imprints by the internals. This may affect their vocation in the element. These variables will be a portend to the youngster further life and will give a negative impact on the Indian Economy because the students will be unskilled and lethargic because of this lifestyle so this will hamper the growth of the Indian Economy in coming future. On this note, need to state that understudies are feeling the loss of the days in the schools and universities. Trusting the administration takes great choices on training with clear directions as right on time as conceivable to dodge the circumstances that happened by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This might be an ideal opportunity to reset. At no other time has the world halted where one can dismantle the many moving pieces – like Tom Cruise in Minority Report? We have the chance to re-examine everything. On the off chance that we do things right, we might have the option to fix difficulties that face mankind – ecological harm, imbalance, and so forth.

Legislators in numerous nations upheld an all-encompassing social removing strategy, dooming the results of social separating on the economy. The downturn that followed, which numerous nations experienced, was an impression of the troublesome decision that strategy creators needed to make in picking whether to spare the economy before sparing the individuals or to spare the individuals before sparing the economy; numerous nations picked the last mentioned. There were reactions that the approaches were excessively quick, untimely or inadequate, and that the strategies negated each other in certain territories, for example, the accommodative fiscal strategy urged monetary operators to participate in financial exercises while the lockdowns and social-separating (stay-at-home) strategy forestalled monetary exercises from occurring. On the splendid side, the Corona Virus prompted a general wellbeing emergency made an open door for some governments to make enduring changes in the general wellbeing part.

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