This article was written by Stuti Shreya during her internship with LeDrioit India. INTRODUCTION Data is the new oil. -Clive HumbyThe term data mining has gained much relevance in the recent past. In the past decade wehave witnessed an increment in the user generated data as well as an increment in theindustrial value of data. […]

Economic consequences of Covid-19: the need for epidemic preparedness

The present Article is written by Aaditi Shah under the National Article Writing Competition organised by LeDroit India discussing about the economic consequences of Covid-19 and the need for epidemic preparedness. ABSTRACT: The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is a striking shock to the Indian economy. The Indian economy was already appalling before COVID-19 struck. […]

Epidemic Act & Covid-19

The present article is written by Syeda Khizra Rizvi, 5th year BBA LLB student from Indian Institute of legal studies, siliguri, west Bengal during her internship at LeDroit India. Discussing about   Epidemic Act  and  important sections which are applicable in current scenario of Covid 19.  Across the world, multiple methods and steps like contact tracing, […]